Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's foolishness, all this, he said, and sat to watch the game.

Let them all calm down, he said, soon enough it will be done

Sit down, we'll watch the game.

I worry sometimes, though, she said

They bother me, the noise they make. They never stop, I wish they would

But still …

She watched the game.

It's none of my concern, he said, and turned to watch the game

My voice? What is it I could say? I can't begin to turn the tide

What more can I do, anyway? Just sit and watch the game.

Hush. Hush. No need to make a noise. Sit here and watch them pass

Don't draw the fire of crazy men; don't lead the eye toward our place

Don't say a word, it's nowt of ours

Just sit and watch the game.

There is no line of decency, so hush now. Sit here, too

It's come before,  ool come again

It's just a joke, give them a poke, electric jigger in ye hand

We'll laugh together all of us, when this is done and all is past

Just sit for now and haud yer wheesht

Sit still and watch the game.



Garth said...

Oh aye, you're giving away yer Celt roots here: haud yer wheesht, ye'll wake the weans.
I really liked this story/poem/thang - I imagined them sitting in front of the telly and letting it soothe them.
Stay on this vein - it's brilliant!

Letitia Coyne said...

Ah well, you see, Fictionaut exploded.

Some left, some joined the mudslinging, some got in there and geed the others up, some went very quiet - a microcosm. I wrote a poem. :)

Awful business. Seems to have passed now.

My blood is all from Yorkshire, but the songlines that run deeper than blood are definitely Caledonian.


Garth said...

Fictionaut exploded? hahahaha
couldn't've made much of a bang ;]
It didn't work for me - and I don't think you can be diplomatic in such an environment.
There is an immediate heirarchy imposed by those who play the most fuck-up mind game.
no disrespect to you
My wife is full blooded second generation Scottish/Irish - she does sometimes say "haud yer wheesht"

Letitia Coyne said...

I am lucky that I don't recognise literature when I see it. I don't know the rules and I find my literary quotes at I like to go to FN and read, but I left real world writers groups years ago because of the false notions of heirarchy and rule keepers imposing rules.

I don't notice too much politicking there. I don't involve myself in it. One of the looneys tried to start up again yesterday, but I see his forum thread is gone today. As my Papa would say, 'That is'.